Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf. A Part 7

For the first of the camouflage colors, I decided it was a good time to use my Badger Sotar 20/20 airbrush with the fine tip. I picked this up earlier this year and I have done some playing around to learn the differences between it and my other airbrushes, this would be the first time I would use it on a kit for camouflage.

Certainly not a perfect job, but better then what I was expecting the first time out. I will be doing some touch ups on the tank with a second coat. 


Dialed the pressure way back to 10-12 psi.

The paint ratio was not perfect. In this case, I over thinned the paint thinking it would need that to get through the smaller tip.  Noticed the signs of over thinning on the tank in places.

My compress can run for about 15 min non-stop before overheating and shutting down.  I was taking my time and to be honest I could have done this first camouflage with my Badger 105.

Still, an excellent learning experience in getting better performance out of the Sotar. Looking forward to using it for some other weathering techniques as I move forward on the build.




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