Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 3

Starting to fill and sand some noticeable gaps.  In particular, I question the logic of the engine intakes and how they were designed to go on to the rest of the kit, even with pre-fitting and pre-sanding, gap filling was going to be required.  
My weapon of choice for this is Mr. Hobby’s various Mr. Surfacer products as well as some of my homemade “spru-glue” made from Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and some extra spru pieces.

I took a break from the filling to get a primer and base coat onto the landing gear assembly.

As normal the Stynylrez and Tamiya acrylic combination works very well.  A second coat will prep the gear for final detailing and weathering.

Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 2

Got the upper and lower fuselage glued and in place.  There are some fit issues particularly around the engine intakes and behind where the wings will go.

There will be some time filling and sanding here.

Onto the exhausts.

Started with a coat of Vallejo black primer.

Followed up with a coat of Vallejo’s Metal Color Jet Exhaust. If you hav’nt tried this yet I would highly recommend it.  No thining required and airbrushes on beautifully 

Next step will be to add some basic weathering, again keeping to the three-foot rule.