Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane

Calling the Airfix 1/48 Sea Hurricane done.
Overall quite happy with it, best build in 1/48 I’ve seen for a while in terms of fit and amount of gap filling I had to do. The paint and canopy masks and other aftermarket gave it a level of detail and ease of build I was looking for. I would definitely build another one.

Full build thread at IPMS London Forum



I’m still here, life keeps getting in the way

The last few months have been very challenging on the non modelling front.  I was looking for full time work the last half of the year and managed to get a 4-month contract, this was in addition to some seasonal work I took on to pay for a large car repair bill.  This meant 12-15 hours every day in December.

Then over the holidays, I caught the current bug that is going around.  From what I’ve heard from others it takes 3 weeks to fully shake off.  I was back to work for the first time today and it will be another week or so until I even think about returning to the workbench.

Hopefully, the holidays were good for you and your family.

Thanks for your patience. 

Shelf of Doom

The shelf of doom, it’s something that many modelers have, be it a shelf, a drawer or a box in the shed. For those who don’t know a shelf of doom is this is where kits that have frustrated us to the point that we need to take a break from them go. Sometimes we will return to them, other times they are never completed.

I have two kits on the shelf of doom right now. One if there due to frustration, the other is due to my own stupidity.

The first kit is the Airfix RNLI Lifeboat. This was the first ship kit I had done in many years. It’s a subject I like and the initial build-up went very well. Towards the end trying to fit the main cabin walls over the very detailed interior proved to be very frustrating due to fit issues I had. I know others who have successfully built this so I suspect something I had done during the build-up. I do plan to return to this kit fairly soon after seeing some more recent examples of builds on various online forums.

The second one is an example of my own failure to properly go through the instructions and make sure there are no surprises. The kit is the Tamiya 1/24 Porsche 911 GT3. After issues with the first attempt at painting the body, the second attempt was much better. It was at the point when I attempted to put the chrome headlights that I realized I should have left the front bumper separate as the headlight assemblies will not go in if the bumper is attached to the body…..

At some point, I may try using a thin saw to separate the bumper from the body, insert the headlights and then try attaching it again. I think it may be a while before I try that. However, lessons have been learned from both kits here. In the end, it is still a hobby and one should not take mistakes too seriously.