Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 6

Returned to this project to start the decals.   Modern aircraft have quite a few decals and in 1/72 scale some are very tiny… Considering the age of the decals they have been going on for the most part quite well.  I find they are ready to go within 30 seconds after dipping them in warm water. I thought the gloss coat I put on was smooth enough but the decals were very difficult to move once placed.  All the main ones were placed until I had a problem with one of the decals that makes up the false canopy on the underside of the aircraft. This is a feature that Canadian Hornets use.  The idea is the false canopy makes it slightly more difficult to tell the orientation of the aircraft so, during a dogfight, this delay could be used to the Hornet’s advantage.  In this case, one of them toreā€¦

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