Always keep your eyes open

Several years ago I got an old Airfix kit of the 88mm Gun & Tractor in 1/76 at a garage sale for the huge price of $1  When I got home I realized the tracks were missing.  So the kit got built and painted and sat waiting for an idea to replace the tracks. 

I dropped by my local hobby shop today.  In addition to all the normal goodies, they had a small box with a bunch of small parts bagged up, most were going for a few dollars each.  This included some figures as well as many armor components in several scales such as turrets and other such parts.

One of the bags contained a turret for a Panzer II as well as two fairly long tracks that looked like they would be the correct width for the tractor.  Took the bag home and sure enough a good fit, in fact, 1 track looks like it will cover both sets of drive wheels.  It just goes to show you should keep your eyes open when out and about.

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