Paint Accuracy? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Paint Accuracy!

Jon Bius writes on his site about paint accuracy and his thoughts match mine.

Full disclosure… I was not alive in March 1945 to supervise the color application to this particular Spitfire. (Sorry…) I know some will swear the color brands called for are spot on, others will say they’re not. The only one who truly knows, I suppose, is that guy in the nacho line at the IPMS-US Nationals with the stained t-shirt. Apart from him, or perhaps an actual, real paint chip or artifact that is well preserved, or an actual eyewitness, we’ll never really know. Ever. (Except Marty and the Doc…)

Yet many will pull their hair out trying to find the exact color match. I’d like to submit that such an endeavor may not really be beneficial, either to your model, your mental health, and certainly to the rest of us around you who have to listen to long diatribes about FS color.

This is so true.  I constantly see wars in the various forums about color matching. In the end, it is a hobby, you choose how little or how much detail you want to put into a kit.   If you want to spend the time finding the exact match that was put on a subject on a certain day, then good for you. If on the other hand you’ve got a list of color callouts from the instruction sheet and are at the hobby shop and decide that another color looks better in your eye then that’s ok as well.

The best example I can give is the Airfix 1/72 TSR-2 that is on my workbench.  I am building it as a what if scheme, in this case during the second gulf war.  RAF aircraft used what was known as ‘desert pink’  There are enamels that I could use but I prefer acrylics.  In the end, I decided on a light brown base coast and then used desert yellow misted on to lighten the color.  It works for me and that the most important thing.  (Also it’s a what-if build so no one can compare it to anything in real life!)

Build (and paint) what makes you happy.

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