Decal Station

Micro-Sol and Micro-Set are a great system for helping your decals look their best on your models.  They come in bottles like this.


But what sometimes happens is this. Usually with the cap off.


Then some language is uttered about the liquid that has been spilled and the money wasted.

So I came up with this.



A small block of wood that holds both Micro-set and Micro-Sol  bottles as well as a small plastic container for holding water.

When I work on various projects I like to keep my tools and supplies organized by what I’m going to do. I have a separate container with my sanding sticks, another one for all the things I use when doing photoetch. This nicely fits into that system.


It’s a scrap of 2×4 which I bored 2 holes just large enough to hold the bottles. For the larger hole to hold the water dish I sought the advice of a cabinet-maker friend, and he suggest trimming off the sides, then cutting out the hole then re-assembling it. This configuration works quite well for me but you don’t have to have the water holder, just enough wood to keep the bottles from tipping would work as well.


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