Bench Update Dec 15th

I’ve been sick with a cold bug that has been going around for about a week which has really put a dampener on everything, including time at the bench.

I was going to start to apply decals on the 1/72 Hasegawa F-18a but a close look at the sheet showed some yellowing.   So they will have to spend some time in a sunny window.  The issue of course is the days are very short and rather overcast right now so it may be a while…..

The Tamiya 1/35 panther is at the point where some serious weathering needs to be done.  So I decided to start practicing some techniques I’ve been reading and viewing online.  

First up is a general rust/distress technique and I’m doing it on an old HO scale refrigerator car I have.

After some Vallejo Rust, some streaking grime, some pastels I have this as a start.  A bit extreme but helpful.

I’ve started to work on the display base for the panther.  After a coat of acrylic sealant.  Two coats of craft paint are put on and some ballast material is added to start things off.  The ballast is a test to see how well the material sticks to the wet craft paint.

Tomorrow I’m going to start playing around with Vallejo’s Earth Texture. I’ve heard very good things about it.


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