Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 1

It’s been a very busy time with a new contract job and launching The Scale Model Podcast, so it took a while to get back to the bench.  Decided I wanted to do an aircraft again and chose this classic from the stash. As I mentioned in my inbox review of the kit, Hasegawa’s Hornet has been around for quite a while and have more decal options then you can shake a stick at.   The plan is to build this OOB and use one of the kit decal options to make it a CF-18.   First up is the cockpit, which is very basic in nature.  I’m going to try and stick to the ‘three-foot rule’ and not spend a lot of time detailing things up which will never be seen again unless you have a magnifying glass.  The cockpit consists of the floor with side consoles, the seat, stick and instrument panel.  Theā€¦

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