Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 2

Got the upper and lower fuselage glued and in place.  There are some fit issues particularly around the engine intakes and behind where the wings will go.

There will be some time filling and sanding here.

Onto the exhausts.

Started with a coat of Vallejo black primer.

Followed up with a coat of Vallejo’s Metal Color Jet Exhaust. If you hav’nt tried this yet I would highly recommend it.  No thining required and airbrushes on beautifully 

Next step will be to add some basic weathering, again keeping to the three-foot rule.

Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 1

It’s been a very busy time with a new contract job and launching The Scale Model Podcast, so it took a while to get back to the bench.  Decided I wanted to do an aircraft again and chose this classic from the stash.

As I mentioned in my inbox review of the kit, Hasegawa’s Hornet has been around for quite a while and have more decal options then you can shake a stick at.  

The plan is to build this OOB and use one of the kit decal options to make it a CF-18.   First up is the cockpit, which is very basic in nature.  I’m going to try and stick to the ‘three-foot rule’ and not spend a lot of time detailing things up which will never be seen again unless you have a magnifying glass. 

The cockpit consists of the floor with side consoles, the seat, stick and instrument panel.  The seat comes in two parts (why?) and required some Mr. Surfacer 500 to fill some seams.

After some sanding work, the seat and cockpit tub is ready for paint.  The Hasegawa instructions have a color callout to H57 aircraft gray from Gunze which I actually had. Alas, there was not much paint in the jar and what was there had not aged well.   Tried Tamiya XF-66 light grey and was not happy with it so I ended up going with the Tamiya XF-20 medium grey which is close enough.

Once that was done, I painted up the rest of the seat and added the decals to the side consoles.  Considering the age they settled down nicely with some Tamiya Mark-Fit.  I then got a coat of primer onto the main parts of the kit.

After that dried, I sprayed some flat black onto the cockpit area, I plan to mask and glue the canopy on before painting the fuselage so this will be a natural mask.  

I finished up by just giving the upper and lower fuselages a quick test fit.  Looks fairly good so far.

Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf. A Part 10

Got the tracks finished and then attempted to put them on the hull.  One went on well, the other one…..



The second track split into two parts….  I have several options here, but I think I am going to make a diorama based on the track being damaged.  For now, I’m taking a break from it.  With the launch of the Scale Model Podcast and my Local IPMS club show, I haven’t had time on the bench in the last little while.  After this weekend I’ll decide if I’m going to finish this first or start on the F-18.