Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 4

I needed to get the canopy masked in preparation for priming. Decided to try Parafilm again to mask the canopy and then carefully cut out the frames.  Took several tries but in the end, I was happy with it. I’ll have to try that technique again. You can find a great tutorial on it from a guest I had on The Scale Model Podcast, Jon Bius.


Primer was then reapplied and then a coat of Tamiya XF-20 Medium Grey with Mr. Color Levelling Thinner was sprayed on the upper half of the aircraft.

In addition to masking in prior to spraying the lower half of the kit, here’s a tip I’ve done for a while.  I also spray the landing gear doors prior to putting them on the kit, in many cases, the left and right doors can look very similar, so I put them on a piece of cardboard and mark what part number they are. I can then airbrush them off the spru and still know what part number they are for assembly.


Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 3

Starting to fill and sand some noticeable gaps.  In particular, I question the logic of the engine intakes and how they were designed to go on to the rest of the kit, even with pre-fitting and pre-sanding, gap filling was going to be required.  
My weapon of choice for this is Mr. Hobby’s various Mr. Surfacer products as well as some of my homemade “spru-glue” made from Tamiya Extra Thin Cement and some extra spru pieces.

I took a break from the filling to get a primer and base coat onto the landing gear assembly.

As normal the Stynylrez and Tamiya acrylic combination works very well.  A second coat will prep the gear for final detailing and weathering.