Painting updates – ships and tanks.

A post to document some mini’s that have been completed over the last little bit.

2015 01 04 19 28 58

2 Imperial Cruisers from Battlefleet Gothic. The detail on these mini’s is remarkable.  I still have quite a few Chaos Cruisers that still have to be assembled and painted.


2014 12 30 16 56 49

2014 12 30 16 57 09 HDR

Micro-Armor Leopard Tanks, I’ve had 4 of these for quite a long time.  Metal washer base.  Good airbrush practice.  The paint scheme is fictional as I would probably use these mini’s for gaming. Also weathering powders work very well even at this scale.




Airfix 1/72 Defiant Part 3

This is a reprint of a build I wrote up on the IPMS London message board.  I thought it was worth reposting to the blog.

I’ve assembled all the major components and prepared them for priming. I decided to put the canopy and turret on at the point and mask them off. Canopy frames are never my strong point. (So why do I build WW2 aircraft again… ) I have an idea I will try post painting.


The scheme I’ve decided to use is one of two that came with the kit. No 256 Sqn, out of RAF Catterick in Dec. 1940. This is an all black night scheme, perfect for the nature of this build.

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