Tamiya 1/35 Panther Ausf. A Part 12

Put a gloss clear coat on in preparation for weathering. Once that was done I applied a mist coat of Tamiya XF-57 Buff and X-20A Thinner at about a 75:25 ratio. This helped knock down the starkness of the base color and added some ‘dust’ to the model.

I had left the kit for a few weeks and as I was about to resume work, disaster strikes in the form it falling onto the floor.  No major damage but a few small parts have gone missing. It will definitely be a painting test bed for future builds now.

I continued by doing a pin wash using the Tamiya Panel Accent Color.  I have the black and brown and they both work very well for getting into crevices to represent where the dirt and grime accumulates. 

I then applied Vallejo rust to the back exhaust pipes and some Vallejo fuel spill to the engine deck area.  This will need a second application as I continue to weather.

Dealing with seams in tires.

At least here is how I do it for landing gear wheels in aircraft.

I use the following tools. 

Spru cutter.
Self-gripping tweezers.
UMP Sanding Sticks
Flex-I-File Sanders
Something to hold the toothpicks. In this case Mr. Paintstation.
Craft glue (not pictured).

The F-18 Hornet I’m currently working on has some rather pronounced seam lines on the tires.

Using the UMP sanding stick I sand what I can while the wheel is on the spru.  I sand just enough to remove the seam, but not so much to create a flat spot on the wheel.

The wheel is then cut from the spru.

By using the self-closing tweezers I have a good grip on the wheel to sanding the two attachment points.  I then finish up any areas that need it with the Flex-I-File sanders.

The wheels then are put onto toothpicks using the craft glue in preparation for priming/painting.

Hasegawa 1/72 F-18A Part 5

Sometimes life gets in the way of the workbench. It can also distract you a bit too much on the bench. Why do I say this?  Stay tuned dear reader…

Got the lower half of the fuselage and the landing gear doors painted.  Then realized something was wrong…..

I had reversed the colors.  I have no excuse for missing that earlier.  Oh well….  Time to repaint the top and re-mask the bottom.

 This weekend is the first time in about a month I’ll have some time to make some serious progress on this build.