Random thought – Model Kit Choices

I read this blog called Model kit choice, have we become too spoiled?  In it, the author says that we have never had more releases out there, but a small segment of the modeling community seems to think it’s not enough., 

In particularly they wonder why certain topics like German Tiger tanks and Spitfires instead of something that they want to see released.  The simplest answer is that these companies are in business. To stay in business they have to make kits that people will by.  The market has proven that certain kits will always sell in greater numbers.

We are truly in a golden age of the hobby, where there is more selection then ever before. In the end, if you don’t like something that a company has produced, then don’t buy it and move on.  I’d rather be building than ranting on message boards.



Tool Review – Goodman Super Sanding Blocks

Getting a good smooth finish with no seams or bumps is a key part of having a fantastic looking model.

One of the ways this is done is with the correct use of various sanding tools. There are many different tools for different uses, from sandpaper, sanding sticks, flexible files and other tools.

Entering into this space is a new tool from Goodman models. Super Sanding Blocks.



The blocks come nicely packaged in a small cardboard box. Each block has a small circle on the side of the block that has been colored based on the grit. A guide shows each color to its grit. There is also a 1-page guide with instructions for use.


These are a series of 6 blocks of various grits that have been attached to a very stiff piece of acrylic material. The grits are as follows;

• 80 grit for stock removal (dry only)
• 180 for shaping
• 220 for shaping
• 320 for shaping
• 400 for smoothing and polishing
• 600 for smoothing and polishing


The blocks can be used wet or dry with the exception of the 80 grit which is dry only.

The blocks are just the right size to hold in your hand and make sanding and clean up of large areas fast and easy. The rigid surface also helps in keeping a truly flat surface to sand against. Something that sanding sticks cannot do.


Regular readers know I’m a sucker for new tools but these are well worth the money for sanding duties on your bench.

Well recommended.