Airfix 1/72 Defiant Part 3

This is a reprint of a build I wrote up on the IPMS London message board.  I thought it was worth reposting to the blog.

I’ve assembled all the major components and prepared them for priming. I decided to put the canopy and turret on at the point and mask them off. Canopy frames are never my strong point. (So why do I build WW2 aircraft again… ) I have an idea I will try post painting.


The scheme I’ve decided to use is one of two that came with the kit. No 256 Sqn, out of RAF Catterick in Dec. 1940. This is an all black night scheme, perfect for the nature of this build.

For priming I used the excellent Vallejo Surface Primer. This comes in several colors’ and for airbrushing primer onto plastic or metal it is my standard primer now. Airbrushes straight out of the bottle and cleans up with Windex. It just works. Needless to say it was logical that I used the black primer.
A few minutes later with the Anthem 155 airbrush and I ended up with this.


As I said, the Vallejo Primer just works. It’s done such a nice job, I sprayed a second coat and I’m done painting the main color. I masked and painted the prop tips with yellow. Tires are next on the list to be painted and weathered.

Took the masking tape off and tried a different technique for the canopy frames. (I hate painting canopy frames)

I ‘borrowed’ one of my wife’s scrap booking pens (Ok I did ask permission!) and used that to carefully draw the canopy lines in. Not too bad a result.
Sprayed a coat of Future on to ensure everything is sealed up nice in preparation for decals. Landing gear and other fiddly bits will go on later.


Let it sit for a bit and then I have started the decal process. Can someone explain the logic of having to put the centre red dot on the fuselage roundels as a separate step?


I threw caution into the wind and used the original decals. They went on surprisingly well. Although some silvering is evident in the final shots. It actually does not look as bad as in the photo.


Used some Army Painter semi gloss which shot very well through the airbrush and leveled things off. Decided not to weather it anymore and the beast is done.
In the end it met my needs for a fairly simply build up. it’s not something I’d enter into a show but I don’t tend to build for shows anyway.

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