Airfix 1/72 Defiant Part 2

This is a reprint of a build I wrote up on the IPMS London message board.  I thought it was worth reposting to the blog.

Finally had some time to get back to this over the last week. Put the two sides together and surprisingly it fit much better then I expected. Still needed some filler and sander in some spots.



I love building aircraft models but the one thing I hate is masking canopies, I masked off the turrant and will attempt to paint free hand later on. Next came the 5 part wing assembly. Unlike the fuselage, this was full of “issues” The middle bottom piece needed quite a big of filing and sanding to fit in correctly.


The 4 upper and lower wings were attached and the right wing had some severe fit and alignment problems. The gaps requiring filling were also quite bad.


Using the excellent Filling without sanding method did the spot for this issue. If you have not tried this method I would recommend it.

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